Deptford Creek has been a navigable waterway since at least 11th century, described as having a dozen mills in the doomsday book.  Today a dozen large barges and a similar number of smaller boats still moor along it’s length.

Ten boats are moored  in the Theatre arm of Deptford Creek alongside the yards no2 and no4 Creekside. Some of the resident mariners have lived here for twenty five years, others have taken to river living much more recently.

Further downstream a smaller cluster of five boats hug the Greenwich bank but currently don’t have shore access due to recent development of apartments and hotels.

Since the loss of the Minesweeper in January, access to the mooring at  Brookmarsh Yard has been almost impossible. Despite this, several boats there are still used and work continues to salvage value and clear the scorched debris.

The two most famous boats on the creek are the working gravel ship servicing the concrete works adjacent to Creek Road bridge.