Giovanna Speciale owns Barnacle and moors on the tidal creek without stable land access. Its a 30ft  ‘leisure craft’ with basic living space, kitchen and sleeping area. She mostly relies on making a short trip to the shore by boat. Conditions have been much harder since the Minesweepers destruction by fire in January 2017, as shore access was made over the decks of the larger boats moored at Brookmarsh yard on Norman Road.

Otherwise the boat is self sustaining for power with both solar and wind energy generators and battery array onboard. Fresh water and gas for day to day heating, cooking, washing and living has to be carried from the shore.

Life is more than ever governed by the tides. Lowtide gives some access by foot and at high tide by small boat with an electric motor.

Giovanna is director of SELCE ( South East London Community Energy ) who provide energy information training and manage solar arrays on school roofs in the area to provide free power to the schools and return a dividend to investors.