Heron is a day boat and tender to Sabine.  It used to belong to the Tower of London and ferried staff to waiting vessels in the Thames.  When they needed a new boat we bought this one from them.  After it was taken out of the water at South Dock Marina and cleaned up and repainted it was then given the name Heron.  There is a superstition amongst boaters that you can only change a name of a boat when it is out of the water.  Jeannie chose the name Heron because we get herons in the creek.  In fact all the boats that are renamed by us are inspired by birds (Dolly duck; Raven; Heron and even Canard – which was a boat, similar to Dolly, that Julian built for someone downstream at Charlton).  Heron comes in handy for doing repairs to other boats and for quick trips down the creek.  It is even used to help the Creekside Discovery Centre do surveys of the flora in the creek.