The Ouse is a Thames Lighter.  Built in 1928 at Charlton (now Cory’s yard)There used to be thousands of these craft used mainly for the transhipment of cargoes between the old docks. There are now very few left.  These boats have no engines and used to be seen in the Thames being towed by tugs transporting large containers from Tilbury or further afield.  The Ouse was used in the Millenium Thames River of Fire, when fireworks were let off from it, along with a number of other boats, at the South Bank for the Millenium.  City Hall had bought the second hand boats especially for the event.  Once this was over they tried to sell them but no one wanted to pay the sort of money they had paid for them.  We then offered to buy one so that Julian could use it as a work shop, which has proved invaluable.  Julian also built a workshop inside it for me to do art work and sewing including awnings and furnishings for boats, a leather settee and costumes. One of which Julian wears to promote the local Build the Lenox Project.  We have garden areas at both ends on top of the Ouse, which contribute to the protection of the local wildlife as well as a lovely green space for surrounding people to see.