DIY networks are very active in throughout Deptford Creek. To indicate where points of interest and activity exist to interact with, we have installed a series of bluetooth beacons we call “Anchorholds”.

Creeknet has forked the OU’s Salsa beacon app for Android smart phones and tablets, to present a guide for the area, combining both static and dynamic information sources.

Anchorholds have been embedded along the length of Deptford Creek at key interaction points which have been specifically identified as important or strategic for Creeknet. Historical, ecological, social and environmental reports attuned to each location, are presented to your screen when in proximity.

A range of Mazizone ‘prototypes’ have also been installed throughout Creeknet, that present a selection of public publishing tools or environment sensor controls that can be activated to report on changing conditions.

Each Anchorhold, lists these available resources, featuring different layers of information that are pre-loaded in the app, captured from the local network or filtered in from the internet.

Brookmill Park, Stephen Lawrence Centre, Broadway Gardens, Birdsnest Pub etc.

Creek Railway Bridge1  Creek railway Bridge 2

Historical map of bermondsey, Deptford to download (purchase)

Plaque on Deptford Creek Bridge