Hoy Meet-up

On Monday 23rd January we will again meet up with Creeknet friends. Our host for the last few Mazi Mondays has been the Hoy Kitchen on Creek Road at the Deptford and Greenwich border by Creek Bridge. We have been starting with teas/lunch at noon and drifting on in discussion till 4pm. Please join us there.

Claire is the proprietor of Hoy Kitchen and lives with her family in the Hoy Inn as it was previously known. She moved into the area from Belfast in the 70’s at a time when SE8 was comparatively naked, few street lights or road signs, it’s rough reputation and empty buildings characterised the very industrial maritime landscape. The pub was a notorious social hub and she has many stories about these earlier times to tell!  Her enthusiasm for local history, cultural commentary and insight on the current wave of development is proving most entertaining and illuminating.

When Quayside redevelopment took off in the streets all around them  during the 90’sthey faced fresh and unexpected challenges. Land which had always been linked to the Hoy was assumed part of the property development package. It triggered a fight to hold on to access and the historical Hoy Steps which resulted in cars being stacked to prove the point and closure of the river access. Successful but lengthy resistance has meant that the steps have been retained but are considered inaccessible and dangerous.

Perhaps as a consequence, Claire has good contacts with local business including Millenium Quay who have responsibility for the recently installed swing bridge. At recent Creeknet meet-up  we talked about making these historical steps accessible for the first time since the dispute!

The illustrious privateer Sir Francis Drake may well have been knighted by Queen Elisabeth by the Hoy Steps, his ship ‘The Golden Hind’ certainly ended it’s days in the creek, scrapped to shore up the sea wall of the creek. Today the replica boat is a popular tourist destination in Clink Street by London Bridge very close to our very own Backspace which prevailed till turn of the last century!

Please join us in February when we will meet-up at Stephen Lawrence Centre for a further three Mazi Mondays. At these meet-ups we will work with low-cost technologies to host and promote a range of DIY neighbourhood publishing tools, discover more about the options for OWN mesh access, meet its resident groups and friends from that area of the river by Brookmill Park.